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3D Handpainted Sword

Hey guys!

I tried a little bit of hand painting with that one. I made the low poly in maya, high rez in Zbrush, made a base projection of the crystals, then baked AO/curvature to start the hand painting job in 3D Coat (ended up not using curvature that much). Rendered in marmoset viewer.

The concept was awesome, but not from me. Unfortunately I can't find the source of it  (found it on pinterest : )

C&C are welcome, hope you like it! 

Olivier gagne houle handpaintedsword oghoule
Olivier gagne houle handpaintedsword oghoule multiple
Olivier gagne houle oghoule hpsword
Olivier gagne houle olivier gagne houle oghoule handpaintedsword highrez
Olivier gagne houle oghswordcartoon col