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3D Handpainted Sword

Hey guys!

I tried a little bit of hand painting with that one. I made the low poly in maya, high rez in Zbrush, made a base projection of the crystals, then baked AO/curvature to start the hand painting job in 3D Coat (ended up not using curvature that much). Rendered in marmoset viewer.

The concept was awesome, but not from me. Unfortunately I can't find the source of it :( (found it on pinterest : )

C&C are welcome, hope you like it! :)

Olivier gagne houle handpaintedsword oghoule
Olivier gagne houle handpaintedsword oghoule multiple

4688 tris, 2K diffuse and 1K emissive/heat

Olivier gagne houle oghoule hpsword

Evolution of the texture

Olivier gagne houle olivier gagne houle oghoule handpaintedsword highrez

High Rez from Zbrush

Olivier gagne houle oghswordcartoon col

Only 2K I used.